'If you change the way you look at
things, the things you look at change'
- Dr Wayne Dyer


Wise words. I offer bespoke programs in the areas of coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy for private individuals and companies. I work with one-to-one sessions or with teams to help you to see your specific situation in a new light. Welcome to contact me for a conversation about ways that we can work together and shape the future that you desire.

Service for individuals

Coaching is about supporting individuals to develop in their desired direction. Where are you today? Where do you want to be? We work at closing this gap. The work an individual or team does with us brings about profound changes in behaviour at every level.
I challenges you to think in new ways. I will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new thoughts and behaviours to truly create long lasting change in your life. I draw on my background from the business world as well as my experience as a coach and CBT therapist in my work with you.

Below you can read about the different services that I offer. As each person is different with different needs I encourage you to contact me for a conversation as to how I can best meet your needs.

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change management tools available to organisations today. It is aimed at individuals who want to develop their skills as leaders and managers. You want to create change and become a more effective leader. You ask yourself questions such as how do I become a better communicator, how can I develop my team, how can I better embrace new challenges, what do I need to reach the next level?

During the leadership coaching you will open-up to new perspectives and insights that will positively affect you both in your private and professional life. By getting to know yourself on a deeper level you will be able to bring out and use more of your potential.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Coaching sessions for those of you running your own business. Sessions are designed to address the specific challenges of an entrepreneur. We look at clarifying your companies vision and goals, your strategies, the demands on you and your time, your communication and more. As a coach, we can also be an outside sounding board for you to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

Life coaching

Life coaching takes a holistic approach. We look at your life overall; relationships, communication, health and fitness, personal development, career, financial planning and any other area that is important to you in your life.

Through life coaching sessions you will experience a stronger sense of meaning, direction and happiness in your life. You will become equipped with tools and methods to create and live your dream life.

Coaching with elements of CBT

If you are looking for a coaching approach and at the same time may be willing to dig a bit deeper into your thoughts and behaviours, this is for you. The main structure of the sessions is based on coaching while tools and techniques from CBT are used as and when appropriate.

As with all coaching the focus is on solutions and possibilities. However, at the same time we create more space to also look at and understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how they influence and affect you, the choices you make and how you live your life.


This is for anyone looking for cognitive behavioural therapy in the traditional sense. These are therapy sessions. Perhaps you have been mulling something over for a long time and have now decided it is time to deal with it. Maybe something has suddenly happened in your life – a new challenge, pain or sorrow in some form and you are struggling to deal with it. To move on an find new solutions to your situation it can be very helpful to seek out professional help and support.

CBT can be used to treat a range of disorders and unwanted feelings including: Stress and tension, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, guilt, mood swings, relationship issues, weight issues, panic disorders, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder.

CBT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that combines behaviour modification and cognitive therapy. It focuses on cognition (thought), emotion (feeling) and behaviour (action). In CBT we highlight your thoughts about yourself, your surroundings and life in general. The thoughts and behaviours that lessen your quality of life are at the centre of treatment.

The treatment method is structured and we work towards clearly defined goals. The focus is ‘here and now’ – how can you feel better today and going forward?

Service for companies & teams

Coaching for employees in your own office space

Would your company like to offer its employees the possibility of working with a coach on a regular basis? I can be available at your office. This is a great way for each of your employees to work with the areas that they specifically most need to develop. Coaching can be helpful at most times but may be of particular value if your company is going through a phase of change.

Development of groups and teams

What is really the difference between a group and a team? Well a group is basically a bunch of people. A team on the other hand is a smaller group of people with a shared purpose and goal. They complement each other, they co-operate. You can’t put a team together, you create a team. Here a coach can be off help.

A coach can help facilitate a highly-effective collaborative environment to create high functioning teams that thrive and achieve great results for your business.

Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and workshops are great ways to inject inspiration and joy in the workplace. I offer bespoke seminars and/or workshops in the areas of stress management, digital stress, communicating effectively and with respect, dealing with change, efficiency, planning and other areas. Please contact me and let me know what your needs are.

About Petra

I am a Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Business Economist with many years’ experience of working with people in different situations, from different cultures and countries. With my solid experience I help you and/or your company to see new opportunities, reach your next goals, and to develop as a person and a team.